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Naturally Safe for

Your Kids, Pets & Plants

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Envirofriendly Pest Plus’ Services

Envirofriendly Pest Plus offer a range of pest control and inspection services that our friendly team tailor to suit your needs. Our services are listed below, but please feel free to contact our friendly team if you have any questions.

Timber (Termite) Pest Inspections
Termite Management
General Pest Control

Timber (Termite) Pest Inspections – Residential & Commercial

For the Home Owner, Vendor, Purchaser or Landlord

The Timber Pest Inspection Report always comes inclusive of photographs and the visual inspection undertaken covers the property from fence line to fence line, inside the building and includes a ceiling cavity inspection. The Report will include all conducive conditions present at the property and at the end of the Report there will be recommendations on how to address any areas of concern.

If active termites are found during the course of the Inspection, the Report will also include relevant costs to treat the termite affected area/s. Based on the Inspection, Quotations for a full Termite Barrier Installation can also be provided.

The Inspection is conducted by a fully Licenced and Qualified Termite Technician concentrating on detecting termites and/or nests, current or previous termite damage and all other types of timber pests eg. Borers, wood decay or any other pest that adversely affects timbers.

It is important to note that all new constructions, in accordance with AS3660, require 12-monthly Timber Pest Inspections to keep the applicable warranty of the installed Termite Barrier current and valid. Even barriers installed post constructions, should have 12-monthly Timber Pest Inspections in accordance with AS3660.

Home Owners

Termite Management – Residential and Commercial

Residential and Commercial Termite Management

Pest Control Gladstone

Including Termite Treatments and Termite Barriers

Treatment to isolated areas of termite activity can be carried out to all external areas of properties wherever termite activity is found (i.e. gardens, retaining walls, tree stumps etc). Internal areas can also be treated using Termidor Dust to puff into affected areas. Termite nests found externally or in ceiling cavity areas or subfloors can also be treated.

Full or partial Termite Management Systems can be installed and the type of installation required would depend on the method of construction. Following are the types of Termite Management Systems we are qualified and licensed to install:-

  1.  Chemical Termite Barriers using Termidor or Biflex AquaMeax (post construction)
  2.  HomeGuard Precision Termite Management (pre-construction)
  3.  Camilleri Reticulation System (pre- or post-construction)
  4.  Sentricon Always Active Termite Baiting and Monitoring System
Chemical Termite Barriers
Homeguard Precision Termite Management
Camilleri Reticulation System
Sentricon Always Active Termite Baiting and Monitoring System

General Pest Control – Residential and Commercial

Residential and Commercial General Pest Control

Pest Control Gladstone

We cover a wide range of pests

Including but not limited to:- Cockroaches; Spiders; Ants; Silverfish; Rodents (mice/rats); Fleas; Ticks; Wasps.

Our General Pest Control treatment can consist of a two-pronged approach. One approach is from an integrated pest management perspective – this can entail using no chemicals at all and by changing the environment of the areas to be managed. The second approach is with the use of chemicals being applied to external and internal areas to effectively treat and control the presence of general pests in and around the home. There are a range of chemicals used during each treatment to target the specific pests present within the environment.

Internal general pest control treatments are carried out by applying chemical to all skirtings, doorways, architraves and cornices with the ceiling cavity being dusted for spiders. The use of Cockroach Gels is employed for all kitchen cupboards and wet area cupboards/vanities. Externally, the chemical treatment is applied to the eave/soffit areas, external walls around the perimeter of the building and extending out into the yard area. We use the latest in environmentally friendly chemicals available on the market today and our chemicals are naturally safe for your kids, pets and plants.

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